About Us


The name ‘Estr Akes’ pronounced (Esther Herkays) is coined from the CEO’s name Esther Akerele. Estr Akes objective is to redefine access to legal services by simplifying and making legal aid convenient for all. With sole interest in equality and impartial access to quality legal aid. Ten percent (10%) of the proceeds from Estr Akes is donated to probono funding. Located in Nigeria with the aim to expand internationally, Estr Akes aims to deliver a first of its kind online advisory service for emergency needs amongst other things with qualified lawyers available to assist. Estr Akes online lawyering service further offers face-to-face business consultation and in-depth legal advice. Further, Estr Akes focus on training ‘lawyer to be’ whilst promoting employability for qualified lawyers with skill-based training.


Estr Akes is legally inclined, distinctive, and outstandingly equipped with a legal approach to business services. Being an LLM graduate at 19 with the enthusiasm to triumph, Estr Akes aspires to impact and make a difference, by being a distinctive footprint in the legal domain. Viewing the law differently, Estr Akes is passionate about delivering a superlative service by giving you more for every penny.


Esther Akerele is an international commercial and corporate lawyer. She studied BSc Business Information Systems at the University of Portsmouth United Kingdom whilst also acquiring a law degree (LLB. Hons) from BPP University. She further obtained a Masters’ degree (LLM) from the University of Portsmouth. In her early start in the legal profession, Esther worked for the Citizens Advice Bureau debts department. She created a means to help people with consultation aid before diving into debts as many people get into debts because of unawareness. Esther majorly focuses on Estr Akes, to empower and protect individuals to gain access to affordable legal service whilst training aspiring lawyers and offer qualified lawyers more business opportunities. With a diverse knowledge about the business technology and legal world, Esther merged her abilities together by offering a range of beneficial services to society at large.